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Race Schedule for 2015

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This schedule was last updated on: April 22, 2015
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Morton Salt Report 2015

I am working on the 2015 schedule encouraged by the many (well, exactly two) fan emails I received. I hope to have the schedule up soon and welcome more cnouragement!

Please email email me corrections and additions.
Please note that photos from previous seasons have been removed.

Welcome to the Morton Salt Report
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by a statistician who used to swim with SCAQ but
now ponders rivers in Pittsburgh, and swims for Pitt Masters.
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Santa Barbara Nite Moves: Wednesday Evenings April 30 through August 27

Reef and Run in Santa Barbara: Thursday Evenings June 6 through August 29


Sat. 8/23/14: Don Burns Corona del Mar Swim
Sat. 8/30/14: Maui Channel Swim


Mon. 9/1/14: Oceanside Labor Day Swim
Mon. 9/1/14: Waikiki Roughwater Swim
Mon. 9/1/14, not sure this event will occur: 2.4 mile Maui 'Au Makua Swim and Sprint One Mile
Sun. 9/7/14: La Jolla Roughwater HAS BEEN CANCELLED
Sat.- Sun. 9/13-14/14: Malibu Triathlon
Sat. 9/20/14: Slam the Dam Swim in Las Vegas
Sun. 9/21/14: LA Triathlon
Sat. 9/27/14: Alcatraz Classic: Swim with the Centurions
Sun. 9/28/14: Tiki Swims in Oceanside
Sun. 9/28/14: La Jolla Cove Swim Club Ten Mile Relay HAS BEEN CANCELLED
not occuring in 2014: Tiburon Swim


Sun. 10/12/14: San Diego Sharkfest (Coronado Bridge Swim)
Sun. 10/12/14: LATri Day at the Beach
Sat. 10/11/14: Golden Gate Classic Swim
Sat. 10/25/14: Halloween Spookfest at La Jolla

Sat. 11/22/14: Thanksgiving Turkey Splash at La Jolla

Wed. 12/24/14: XMAS Swim at La Jolla

Thur. 1/1/15: Polar Bear Plunge at La Jolla
Other New Year's Day Swims:
Penguin Swim, Venice Beach
Cabrillo Beach Polar Bear Swim
Annual Lion's Surf City Splash, Huntington Beach

Sat. 1/3/15: Winter Alcatraz Swim

Feb to April - La Jolla Club Swims
OLD RACES, please send me info if you have it
Sat. 7/7/12: South Bay Dozen in Torrance
Sun. 8/12/12: Playa Del Run

Already over in 2014

Sat. 5/3/14: Big Chill Party and Sink-o de Mayo Swim at La Jolla
Fri. 5/16/14: H2Open Plus Summer Sunset Series at Castaic Lake
Sat. 5/17/14: Salt Creek Roughwater Swim
Date uncertain: Encinitas One Mile Swim
Sun. 6/1/14: Orange County OWS (Lake Mission Viejo) 1500m Swim
Sun. 6/1/14: Lake Del Valle Swims
Sat. 6/7/14: Lake Berryessa Swim
Sat. 6/7/14: Great Salt Lake Open Water One Mile Swim
Sat. 6/7/14: Santa Monica Pier Ocean Festival
Sun. 6/8/14: Alcatraz Classic
Sat. 6/14/14: Huntington Beach Pier Swim
Sun. 6/8/14: Redondo Beach Triathlon
Sat. 6/14/14: Seal Beach Swims
Sat. 6/14/14: Carlsbad Beachfest
Sat. 6/21/14: Pier to Cove Swim at La Jolla
Sat. 6/21/14: Alcatraz Touch and Go
Fri. 7/4/14: Coronado 54th Annual 4th of July Swim
Sat. 7/5/14: Santa Barbara Semana Nautica One Mile Swim
Sun. 7/6/14: Swim Around the Rock, San Francisco
Sun. 7/6/14: Santa Barbara Semana Nautica Three Mile Swim
Sat. 7/12/14: Newport Pier to Pier see also this page
Sat. 7/12/14: Checkout Swim for Dwight Crum
Sun. 7/13/14: Santa Barbara Semana Nautica Six Mile Swim
Sat. 7/19/14: Picnic on the Point Swim at La Jolla
Sat. 7/19/14: Trans Tahoe Relay
Sat. and Sun. 7/19-20/14: San Clemente Ocean Festival
Sat. and Sun. 7/19-20/14: Checkout Swim for Dwight Crum
Sat. 7/19/14: Fat Salmon Swim in Seattle
Sat. 8/2/14: Santa Cruz Roughwater
Sun. 8/3/14: Cruz Cruise
Sun. 8/3/14: Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Swim (make sure you do a checkout swim on 7/12, 19 or 20 if you need to)
Sun. 8/3/14: USMS Open Water Championships, Oregon
Sat. 8/9/14: Bridge to Bridge 10K Golden Gate Swim
Date uncertain: Ponto Beach Carlsbad Swims, End of Summer Rough Water Champs
1/2 Mile Swim and 1 Mile Swim plus kid swims
Sun. 8/10/14: Naples Islands Swims
Date uncertain: Myrtle Huddleston Swim in Tahoe
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